What The Frig is Sass Effect?

No, I mean seriously. What is it?

Sass Effect is the drunken brain(dead) child of former Maude Garrett’s Geek Bomb Managing Editor, Tegan Jones, and contributor, Lee (we won’t worry about her surname because it’s too complicated).


After many years of writing for the site, covering conventions and engaging in epic twelve-hour live streams, Tegan and Lee wanted to branch out to focus on content that celebrates both games and the local Australian gaming community … but in their own way.

You see the thing is, Tegan and Lee are now certified Old Bitches. Being thirty and female is not considered to be a killer combo in the gaming industry, especially when you’re not Regulation Hotties. However, despite having radio-quality faces and never showing gratuitous cleavage (no one was interested, TBH) they discovered that people seemed to enjoy it whenever they streamed, did videos or worked on projects together. Apparently at least five people dug their ridiculous rapport, humour, booze-infused shenanigans and complete honesty when it came to games.

They also found themselves being asked for advice a lot by the aforementioned five fans and to show their feet a lot (by the occasional weirdo that would drop into their streams), despite the fact that they are complete train wrecks who have no business giving advice to anyone, ever. So they’re choosing to embrace their roles as over-the-hill Agony Aunts and provide the gaming world with a weekly podcast where they answer your pleas for advice on absolutely anything (games, tech, love, fitness, Tinder – they’ll tackle it all!) as well as review games, gab about game gossip and support the local indie community. Oh, and there will be thematic drinks. Lots of them.

Not enough for you? Don’t worry, there will be live streams via Twitch so you don’t have wait quite so long for the girls to make complete arses of themselves for your amusement. There will also be plenty to catch up on, and little pieces of micro advice up on the Sass Effect Instagram (@sass.effect) and Twitter (@sasseffect) accounts.

To summarise, here is what you can expect from Sass Effect:

  • A weekly podcast filled with terrible advice, game reviews & news and sweet arse thematic cocktails;
  • Fortnightly live streams filled with drinks, stupidity, embarrassment and nonsensical smack talk;
  • Daily social media posts that are devoid of dank memes;
  • Honest, unbiased reviews that no one has been told to alter in anyway. They may be terrible at life but they can at least guarantee integrity. Also, they have jobs – they can buy the damn games if the review copies stop.

Fun, unique content from a couple of women who bloody love games and want to chat to you about them.

Special thanks to some dead-set legends

We’d be lying if we said that Sass Effect is a product entirely of our own making, so we’d like to make a few shout-outs to some awesome people who have helped to make it as awesome as it currently is.

Firstly we’d like to thank some of the cool cats over at Hojo Studio, Rick and Jola – Rick is responsible for our theme song that gets us dancing in our seats at every listen, and it’s thanks to Jola that we have that neat little omnipresent motto, Say Yass to The Sass, in the site’s sidebar (because, YASSSSSSSSS!).

Then there’s a big thank you to Plantronics, who have generously provided us with the Rig 500 headsets that we and our guests use while recording the podcast, and who believed enough in Sass Effect to support us even before it had launched.

Finally, we’d like to thank Maude Garrett’s Geek Bomb for bringing Tegan and Lee together, as without it, they’d probably be living out their already boring lives in even more boring ways.