SE Episode 21: Hot Male Sub


In this episode, we are joined again by The Alex Walker and a surprise guest to talk preloaded iPhone porn, Sony taking a dump on No Man’s Sky, the hard life of a hot sub teacher, whether lightning is man-made and the dark, dark netherworld of fantasy NBA league. We also announce the August winner of our Plantronics giveaway!

We’ve decided to take a different spin for the current giveaway – you may be familiar with the totally slammin’ theme Sickburns cooked up last episode for those anonymous questions we get. Well, we want to see you rocking out to the Anonymous Question Theme in a short video! We have two sound clips available for download depending on your preference:

1. The headbanging original version
2. An alternative dubstep version for those of you who prefer hanging out for a sick drop.

Upload your video to social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), tag us (@sasseffect on Twitter, @sass.effect on Instagram) with the hashtag #anonquestion!

Podcast player not working on your phone or tablet? Check out the episode here! Got iTunes? Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode.

Peace out / Lee

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