Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta: First Impressions

The multiplayer component of the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End contains all of the excitement one would expect from the series in a concise, action-packed package. We were invited to spend some time with the team-based (5v5) Deathmatch mode of Uncharted 4’s multiplayer to see what one could expect from the beta that is available from now until December the 13th for those who own Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

Now, I’m not ashamed to admit that I totally suck at any competitive multiplayer mode in any given game, so I was a tad anxious heading into the game (not just for myself, but for the rest of my team mates that I was convinced I would inevitably disappoint). Thankfully, there was a brief, albeit helpful, introduction to the game mechanics and away we went.


Firing up the multiplayer mode presents you with a variety of preset loadouts which are great for those wanting to dive straight in, as well as catering for those who are a bit more discerning and prefer to customise their own loadout. Once the loadout is selected, the player can then select their character from a variety of characters from previous Uncharted titles. The beta itself is played on two maps – a jungle environment and the urban landscape of Madagascar City, which serve the purpose of demonstrating opposing types of environments.


Controls are easy to use, to the point where I got the hang of it enough that, even with my terrible lack of reflexes, I actually managed to kill a bunch of people. The grappling rope makes traversing certain areas of the maps easier (as well as creating opportunities to get the jump on competing team members), and the maps themselves encourage the player to go vertically rather than sticking to the ground.

In addition to your standard primary weapons, each loadout consists of “class”-specific gear, an AI sidekick that can be summoned to fight alongside you and a specific mystical power. While this might sound game-breaking on the outset, the player needs to earn enough $$$ during the match to be able to both deploy and upgrade these items (be it by earning KOs or kills, or finding treasures on the maps). Although the mysticals are pretty cool, I still think I had more fun throwing out some proximity mines in high-traffic areas and watching the ensuing carnage unfold.


Where the multiplayer shines is in how fast-paced the gameplay is, with there rarely being a moment where the player isn’t dodging bullets or swinging away on a rope to avoid an explosion. There is also an emphasis on teamwork, which wasn’t entirely present in the team I was on in the sense that it would have been really beneficial to have a dedicated medic doing the rounds (we were sticking together for the most part, but no one was really there to help when some of us were incapacitated). The matches themselves never get to the point where they overstay their welcome – perfect for those of us with busy schedules who just want to cram in some gaming in a short period of time.

Overall, from the small glimpse of what we got to experience, Uncharted 4’s multiplayer looks to be a fun and promising accompaniment to Nathan Drake’s final adventure.

This review was originally featured on Maude Garrett’s Geek Bomb.

Peace out / Lee

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